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Naeem Qaswar


Lahore, Pakistan

" Great place to work "

The space is very well thought out. Being a part of small team, i have had a great experience being at Venture Drive for the past 6 months and i find it excellent for doing quiet work, and socializing with like-minded coworkers. Its a vibrant office with great energy, love the atmosphere! Facilities are good which includes meeting room, cafeteria, free tea/water, high speed internet with atleast 3 backups. They take special care of their clients by talking to them one to one, understanding their company as well as their business and help them grow. Perfect place for pro-freelancers and startups to make something happen. Wish them all the best for future endeavors :)

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Adnan Zahid

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"Good Place for a small team" 

November 2018

If you are a team of 4-5 persons and looking for an office, you dont have to rent a room or a building for a workplace. Co-working spaces are a good place where you can use as your workplace. Venture Drive is a nice co-working space where you get a peaceful environment and good work atmosphere. comfortable seating enables you to concentrate more on your work. You get unrestricted access to the internet. Tea is served regularly that helps you stay fresh and alert for work. If you are a small startup, you can get your private cabin where you can have group discussions at any time without worrying about the reservation of meeting room. Overall VentureDrive is good, Affoardable neat and clean and with a professional environment.

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Qasim Ikram

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"Nice Environment and very good serving " 

November 2018

Nice place to work.... productive environment....... Management is good ! "There is none worthy of worship besides Allah. He is all by Himself. He has no partner. His is the Kingdom, to Him is all praise. He gives and takes life. He is all by Himself. He will not die. In His hands is all good and He has control (power) over all things". It is stated in the hadith that if a person reads the above dua in the market place, Allah writes ten lakh rewards for him and forgives ten lakh sins and raises his status by ten lakh and a house is prepared for him in Jannah.

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