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Ashley Brian


San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

" NomadLife Rocks "

Amazing wifi, views, food and people. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Got tons of help from other Nomads and they've helped me fast track the launch of my app. Wifi doesn't go out even when the power does, super chill atmosphere (amazing playlists! ;) ) and new friends all over the place. I stayed in the dorm for a week, which was on par with the price I was paying, hadn't planned to stay longer but wasn't ready to leave so I upgraded to their Upgraded Dorm and stayed another week, only left because I had to fly back for a wedding and still thinking about heading back there! Super legit place. Keep on killin' it NomadLife!!

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I missed the front bell the first time around, be sure to look on the right hand side of the gate! :D

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Nemo Hawes

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"Best co-working co-living space in Nicaragua" 

February 2018

NomadLife welcomed me into an amazing community of hard-working intelligent individuals! The place is stunning, the view is amazing and the activities are on point. The family dinners are fantastic, vegan and vegetarian options, and after there are games, organized yoga events, open mic nights, and nomadtalks. The place is busy with amazing people and things to do! The rooms are gorgeous, each bed is provided with a little comfy blanket as well as nice pillows and welcome cards (and the best air con in san juan!) There's a number of places to work, in a traditional air conditioned quiet office, on bean bag chairs, in a gazebo, and at a kitchen table. There's a mixture of english speaking and spanish speaking staff, which I liked because I felt immersed into the culture. You never actually have to leave the place! I will definitely be coming back again and again - the vibes here are too great not too!

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Krista Chapman

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"Great concept, non-existent management" 

February 2018

I stayed at Nomad Life for 2 weeks in Jan/Feb 2018 after finding them online – the website makes the place look amazing and I was looking forward to my stay. Pros: The property is in a great location, right in town and the view is AMAZING. The people I met during my stay were amazing and I am so thankful for these relationships. The concept is great. But as for the accommodations and management – things are a mess. The place is dirty, understaffed and their reservation system is worthless. When I booked, I learned their online calendar is wrong so I was moved to different rooms (and then again b/c of other mix-ups) and then when I arrived, it’s like they weren’t expecting me. I was eventually shown to a room by the maintenance guy and given a tour of the property (in Spanish). The next day, I was move to the 6 bed dorm (which I had never booked) because a new person had arrived and I had to be moved – no reason, that was just the way it was. This 6 bed dorm is dark, too small and the worst beds I’ve ever slept in (to their credit, they did replace the mattresses while I was in this room but other guests had previously complained and been sleeping on those mattresses for weeks). Other advertised services are not available – there is no yoga, no airport shuttle service (they refer you to other companies), no Nomad Talks and few structured activities unless they are organized by the guests staying in the house. The activities offered by Nomad Life were often last minute and more social/drinking focused which didn’t appeal to me as much since I was here to work. They have a meal plan (vegan & vegetarian only) but often ran out of food so I stopped using it after a few days. And you learn all of this through conversations with other guests – their staff tells you nothing and the few signs on the property are incorrect. It wasn’t until I was moved into the 4-bed dorm about 5 days into my stay that I saw any printed house rules. But no one enforces these rules so they are pretty worthless. They also oversold the day co-working passes during my first week so the space was overcrowded and noisy. Since there was no staff on property, the daily co-workers would take over the place w/o restrictions to the determent of the guests staying there. I communicated my concerns about my reservation being mixed up, the beds and the lack of a welcome to the staff – they professed sincere apologies but took no responsibility, didn’t offer to fix things or follow-up. I understand things go wrong but my experience was the norm during my 2 week stay – most of the other guests had messed up reservations, arrived to the same “welcome” I did and were told the room they booked was not available – and sometimes no bed was available despite their confirmation so they were forced to stay elsewhere. I heard horror story after horror story. This created a lot of unnecessary stress during my stay as you have to fill in other guests and re-live these frustrations with each new person. You get the feeling that Nomad Life just doesn’t care and eventually you give up. I really hope they can turn things around – again the concept is awesome and the people you meet are a saving grace. But I would not stay here again which is super unfortunate. Nomad Life needs to fully staff the property with people experienced in hospitality and update the reservation system so it works as well as living up to the promises of their offerings on the website (or removing these).

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