This week, we reached an exciting new milestone: 18,500 coworking spaces are now listed on Coworker! 

As of April, we integrated 3,400 International Workplace Group (IWG) spaces to our marketplace, bringing our grand total to 18,500 workspaces worldwide and making Coworker the largest global network of flexible offices.

With IWG’s complete network of offices now included in our marketplace and as part of Global Pass, the alliance will make flexible work more accessible on an international scale.

“It’s Coworker’s mission to provide fully scalable, end-to-end flexible office solutions, whether that be utilizing Global Pass for single-day use or locating a long-term office solution for a team,” said Madison Maidment, COO at Coworker. “We are excited about welcoming IWG’s locations to our marketplace, as they are the longest standing flexible office company with unmatched global coverage.” 

IWG’s diverse network of flexible workspace under a variety of brands—including Regus, Spaces, BizDojo, HQ, OpenOffice, and Signature—will all be listed on our platform, and available on Global Pass starting in June 2021.

“The modern workforce expects to work flexibly,” said Maidment. “With this partnership, our expanded coverage and innovative workforce solutions will make flexible work even more efficient.”

For interested teams or enterprises in need of workspace, learn more about Coworker’s customizable Enterprise Solutions and global workforce solutions today.