Part of having a successful work-from-home routine is dividing your time in a way that’s not only productive, but enjoyable too. Whether you take time to meditate in the morning or you make it a priority to follow a fitness video after dinner, it’s highly important to engage your mind and imagination — and there’s no better activity for this than reading!

As we all find creative ways to entertain ourselves and ride out the endless hours we’re spending indoors, the Coworker team wanted to share our favorite book recommendations to pass the time. Here are our top picks!

Blue Zones by Dan Buettner

Sam Marks, Chief Executive Officer

Blue Zones by Dan Buettner is one of my favorite books, and one I reference regularly in discussions. It is particularly relatable now. In the wake of COVID-19, as many of us around the world are thinking about their health and loved ones, Blue Zones dissects the handful of places around the world where people commonly live to be a hundred years old, while unearthing clues to their longevity. The answers may surprise you!

The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business by Erin Meyer

Madison Maidment – Chief Operating Officer

One of my favorite books I’ve read this year is the The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business by Erin Meyer. This book dives deep into the cultural differences with regards to how business is conducted around the globe, specifically focusing on communication and leadership styles. 

For example, Meyer highlights how in North America, it is common to provide multiple points of praise prior to giving any critical feedback, whereas in some European countries, critical feedback is better received in a direct manner. In my opinion, this is a must-read for anyone who conducts business internationally, or who manages a distributed team. 

The Testaments by Margaret Atwood

Faye Glendinning – Network Relations Director

I recently read The Testaments by Margaret Atwood — the follow-up to The Handmaid’s Tale — and it’s got to be one of my favorite-ever reads! It’s gripping and quite dark, too, so I guess it is a good reminder that things could definitely be worse!

La Madre de Frankenstein by Almudena Grandes

Valeria Velez – Global Expansion Manager

My pick is La Madre de Frankenstein by Almudena Grandes. This is one of the most popular books in Spain at the moment, and I definitely recommend this fast-paced, historical page-turner.

Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Paul Diez – Chief Technology Officer

If you want a really interesting read that stays with you for a long time, I’d recommend Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. This book explores two different kinds of thinking: System 1, which is more emotion-based and fast, and System 2, which is logical and more deliberative. You definitely learn a lot about yourself reading this book!

Lifespan: Why We Age and Why We Don’t Have To by David A. Sinclair

Ooey Ponrueang – Director of Data Quality

My recommendation is anything by David A. Sinclair. I first listened to him discussing the secret to aging in reverse on the YouTube series, Health Theory. Now, I am listening to his audiobook Lifespan: Why We Age and Why We Don’t Have To, which is very interesting so far. If you want to live a long and healthy life, he has the answers!

Me by Elton John

Graeme Gillies – Brand Activation Manager

I’m recommending Elton John’s autobiography, Me. Despite the fact that some of his hits were recorded before I was even born, I’m a fan of Elton John. I had to stop the book repeatedly to go listen to the songs he mentions, which turned this read into a captivating secondary discography.

The Lesser Bohemians by Eimear McBride

Kelly Konya – Chief Editor

Eimear McBride is one of the most interesting Irish writers working today, and this book is definitely evidence of that. Often compared to James Joyce, McBride’s gorgeous writing style is lyrical and broken, making for a reading experience unlike any other. Lesser tells the story of an Irish drama student living in London who meets a much older, damaged actor and the passionate relationship that ensues. Such a great, transportive read!