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  • 20, Street 17 The Koozpace bldg Yarzeh, Lebanon

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Adib El Chidiac


Beirut, Lebanon

" Found the right spot for myself and the team "

I have been at the Koozpace for almost a year now and chose to settle there with my team for the various reasons that were already described in the other reviews on coworker.com. To sum it up in my own words: coziness, nature, calm environment, fitness centre. Those help in increasing productivity and efficiency. Add to that the fact that we do not have to get stuck in traffic to go in and out of the space. I personally also made professional collaborations with other coworkers which makes me love the Koozpace even more for its community and network building. The last thing I'd add is the financial aspect. Compared to what is in the market in Lebanon (and I've done my research), it is the least expensive, given all of the amenities and facilities it offers within its memberships. Yalla join and let's do work together :)

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Jimmy Yammine

1 Review

2 Helpful Votes

"Nice and Cozy !" 

July 2018

This place is everything one could ask for from a freelancer point of view. I'll develop my review based on multiple factors. First of all the location is great. Very close to Beirut yet ever so far! It's like 10 mins from the megalopolis yet you feel like you're on top of some mountain. Very relaxing very soothing a place where you can enhance your productivity and skills. Secondly , the internet speed is quite good relative to the country's average and is consistent. To top it all the place is very well organized and spacious providing well enough comfort for everyone. Finally , the owners are very kind people who would help with anything you might need.

2 Thank Jimmy
Maroun Ayli

1 Review

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"Alleviating Experience." 

July 2018

For someone who is constantly surrounded by noise whether it's on campus , work or at home ; this place is definitely the go to for me. This place is all about working in a soothing and relaxing environment away from all distractions. What makes it so special is primarily the location. You are very close to basically everything you might need. The view is very nice and it's very calm here. The internet speed is decent. The owners are very kind and very helpful. This place isn't just about work. You also have access to a very nice gym and a swimming pool. So if you're looking for a place to increase your productivity and get things done. This place should top your list!

2 Thank Maroun

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