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Suzan Balaa


Beirut, Lebanon

" definitely the best space in beirut "

The environment is very productive and the people are friendly. My favorite part is having the outside area for quick little breaks. It's pretty simple to book a private room for calls and what not. The app and website are very well though out obviously. So far, every time I've gone there, it was very hassle free and I was able to quickly get started working. All my experiences have been quite productive as well. It's nice that there's also the concept of community around the work space and I'd love to attend the events when I'm back in Beirut.

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Alexy Frangieh

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"Glad to have an office at Antwork" 

March 2018

it is a exemplary environment for symbiosis. A lot can be achieved by interacting with entities already there. Most aspects of the Digital age, have at least one entity that does it best. quite a relaxing environment, brotherly staff. a real oasis within the havoc of Beirut! the major point of strength of being at Antwork, in my opinion, is being there for interactions rather than the intrinsic labor. The best practice it to complement one's service with other services provided there (web, electronics, display, marketing...), in order to create something new. the aggregate efficiency is very high in that environment.

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Aisha Habli

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"Productivity Meets Exquisite Beirut Architectural Heritage" 

March 2018

Before becoming a member, I was intrigued by their main campus in the heart of the city. It just stands out as a green haven amidst a busy traffic-congested city. You walk in and you immediately switch off the crazy outside, and get productive. The companies and people that are frequently in the space cover various disciplines, but network's design and ambiance definitely appeal to one's aesthetic and many design co's and freelancers have made of the space their home. They also have an amazing commercial kitchen and maker space, although I haven't had the opportunity to use them, these services definitely need to be promoted more to the local strtups working on food and hardware!

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