Nowadays, a lot of people consider working remotely. Having a computer and the Internet in your home allows you to do many of the jobs that people typically had to go to an office to complete just a few years ago.

Moreover, there are a lot of job positions that are mostly occupied by remote workers. Many online services, such as EssayShark, are made up of almost entirely remote teams.

However, while remote work has many benefits, there is one problem that many remote workers usually report – the concentration. So, why is staying focused on your work so much more difficult when you are at home?

Distracted Remote Worker

The Battle with Procrastination

Procrastination is something most of us are familiar with. As a student, remember how challenging it was to face writing an essay? You probably avoided the task up to the point where you have to either buy an essay online or squeeze two day’s work into two hours.

This is procrastination. It can happen to everyone, and those who work remotely are no exception. What’s more, people who work from home are actually much more vulnerable to the problem of procrastination. There are so many things at home that can distract you, as the general atmosphere at home is more about resting than working.

But don’t worry – with some of these work-from-home tips, you can stay focused all the time (or, at least, most of it)!

Netflix Distraction while Working

Tip 1: Minimize the distractions

While at home, there are many things that may seem more interesting than working. But think about it – which of them are the most time-consuming? Switching off your phone or using apps that block social media while you work can save you lots of working hours. Sometimes, simply removing the distracting objects from the room where you are working can help. 

Tip 2: Systemize your work

Knowing that you have a ton of work to do, unfortunately, doesn’t help to increase productivity. But if you try and cut your daily work into several parts or stages, the results may impress you. When your work is systemized into a checklist, it will seem easier and more manageable. It’s always much more satisfying to reflect on the things you’ve already completed than to see the large chunk of work lying ahead. By having your work scheduled, you can be more time-efficient, making the best of all the benefits of working at home.

Taking a Work Break

Tip 3: Take time to rest

We’ve already discussed your daily work schedule, but what about breaks? For many people, taking breaks during work seems like diving into procrastination. However, it is a well-known fact that working without rest lowers your effectiveness. As a result, you’ll spend much more time on your work. But how can you avoid taking those time-consuming breaks where you dive into your social media and 30 minutes pass by? Make your breaks scheduled! Taking a 10-minute break between different stages of your work will allow you to “recharge” and make your work more comfortable. After all, you are working from home – why can’t you cook yourself a quick meal or walk your dog between tasks?

Tip 4: Find time for physical activity

This is something you could do during your breaks. Exercising during the working hours not only helps you to rest your brain from work, but it also presents a great opportunity to keep yourself in shape. Some physical activity will also help to increase your concentration. When your breaks are filled with exercising, you won’t have any time to procrastinate! What’s more, you won’t be complaining that work doesn’t give you time for the workout. 

Workspace Working Remotely

Tip 5: Change your workplace

Working all the time in one place – especially when your work is rather monotonous – can become boring, and boredom is one of the biggest drivers of procrastination. However, since you work at home, you can easily avoid monotony. Try changing the place where you work. If you live in a house, you can use your patio, or if you live in a flat, you can try working out of different rooms. Even changing your view for an hour can help you escape boredom. And if you aren’t bored, you’ll have fewer motives to distract you from work.


Working from home is a great option that has plenty of benefits. With just a little focus, you can fully enjoy working in a comfortable environment while being productive. All in all, you will have much more time for yourself while working remotely. So, try these tips and don’t let procrastination strip you of those benefits!