TSH Collab - Florence

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Zaira Lion


Florence, Italy

" You never get a second chance to make a first impression... "

Se la hall è considerata il cuore dello Student Hotel, lo sono anche la persone che si trovano in Reception. La cortesia e la disponibilità di Oscar & Costanza rappresentano un valore aggiunto nell'area TSH Collab Florence. Il  contatto umano è al centro delle loro attività; oltre a saper gestire in modo puntuale e preciso gli aspetti organizzativi dell'area Collab più di una volta hanno dimostrato di avere un' ottima capacità di ascolto del cliente.  Customer Experience: voto 10!

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Jocelyn Kneisel

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"All You Can Ask For" 

June 2020

The location, the amenities, the service, and the community is unbeatable in Florence. Place: Perfect location in a rather green quarter of Florence, but only 5 min by foot to the central station. Also, tramline 1 links you directly to the office. Amenities: It's more than you'd expect from a workplace, you are free to use a well-equiped game room in which table soccer sessions are very popular in the community. Further, you can freely use the gym, with one of the finest views over the Florence skyline, which is always an experience at every time of the day. You may also spend your noon break at another hotel's rooftop terrace overlooking Florence and enjoying some rather calm minutes on the 5th floor. Do you rather want some sightseeing? How about renting a hotels bike for free? Not to be forgotten, a bar, 3 great restaurants a breakfast buffet, and a hairdresser, all for reasonable prices. Service: If you have any issues, ideas, or just want to talk, the reception staff is always happy to find quick and convenient solutions or lets you have a nice chat while enjoying one of the free coffees offered at the reception desk. Community: The lively community of the TSH Collab is the perfect starting point to find like- and openminded peers with whom you can easily connect and exchange views, ideas, or even collaborate on shared projects. You'll find particularly digital-oriented freelancers and small entrepreneurs. As a German foreigner, I was very thankful to have found this remarkable place and really enjoyed working there. Unfortunately, the CoV-19 Pandemic made me move home quickly in March 2020, without having had the time to cancel my contract at place or organize the transfer of may stuff, which remained at my desk for the time being. Gladly I had so much support of the TSH Collab stuff that I could quickly organize all that efficiently from the distance of Germany. My special thanks go to the Community Manager Oscar M., who was right there in the most difficult moment to assist with all that was important to organize for me. At the time of writing, 4th June 2020, I am still in Germany due to the persistent situation which brought me back home, however, my plans for return are scheduled for September/October and will include again a subscription at TSH Collab if there will be still a desk subscription available.

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Dan Sauer

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May 2020

I was privileged to rent a dedicated desk at the TSH Collab in Florence for a full year. I have only good things to say about my experience there. The facilities and staff were top notch. The space was clean and organized and suited all my needs. There were dedicated phone booths to take private calls, meeting spaces for my clients, printers, and free espresso for Collab members. The community was full of creative professionals and the atmosphere was very collaborative. And the staff was always available to help and brought a great energy to the space. Thanks for providing such a great space for my work!

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