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Azim Gashtasb


Tehran, Iran

" Doesn't provide a tour "

they don't provide a tour and you can't even schedule a visit without signing up for a membership. on top of that, the coworking space membership form requires you to give the whole idea of your business with a pitch deck file and everything. I didn't ask for an investor and I don't want you to hire me, I just wanted to rent a freaking table in a coworking space and I don't even know if I want to use your service because you don't provide a tour. what project I'm gonna work on is none of your business. for all I know you can be a bunch scammers in a basement trying to trick people into giving out their ideas. it's fine if you're providing a different service than the regular coworking space but you don't belong on this website.

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Hamideh Nouri

1 Review

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"One of the best places to work" 

March 2018

I've been working at Finnova with my team of 3 people for almost 2 years.It's in the middle of Tehran with a lot of cafés around. Commuting to this place is so easy, metro and bus station are so close. There are about 15 teams working here. Working desks are available at a very reasonable price. Other facilities are also available. Meeting room is available for all the teams, for sure you have to book the time of your meetings in advance. You can benefit from the workshops, meetings, networking and the community. Finnova team work hard to obtain the best conditions for startups here. One of the things I love about Finnova is the balcony in which you can enjoy your lunch or tea at the break time. In one sentence, it's a pleasure working here.

4 Thank Hamideh
Mohammad Shahbandi

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"Friends all together" 

February 2018

Finnova is the first Coworking space in Iran for specific in Fintech industry. The good thing about Finnova is that they bring together all the Pro - entrepreneurs to interact and share their experiences. also, they support us for renting a cheap workspace, new books, some workshop or some board games about startups and a very good network of mentors and so many things like that for who work on his startup in Finnova. Finally, I'd say it's hard for You to have a startup and you don't know about Finnova. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ The only bad thing about it is that there is no elevator and you have to go through 6 floors

8 Thank Mohammad

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