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Archana Kedia


Pune, India

" A Community Driven Coworking Space "

I work for The Daftar & I can totally vouch for it to be a great contributor towards Community Building. The Daftar is not just a Coworking Space, but an experience for everyone. Each and every individual, whether a freelancer, an entrepreneur, a startup, an SME, all can be benefited by being associated with us. We take care of all the overheads and unproductive tasks, so that all our community members can purely focus on their "Work." Apart from this, we conduct varied events, may it be inhouse - for the active members or outbound - for the entire Startup Ecosystem; informative or informal, for personal growth or for professional success. The different kinds of events include - Breakfast Sessions for members, Happy Hours, Brainathons, Informative Sessions covering topics like Branding, Finance, Legal Aspects etc., and even Meetups like Workshops on Citizens of a Sustainable City, Design Thinking and Visual Thinking Workshops.

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a beautiful Ambiance and great positive Atmosphere. You feel that vibe the moment you enter the Space.

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Akant Goyal

7160 Reviews

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"My review of The DAFTAR" 

November 2019

Amazing hospitality, well organised team and space

Amit Bhatta

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"My review of The DAFTAR" 

November 2019

The Daftar is an excellent coworking space to work out of which inspires innovation and motivation. A great community of fellow coworkers which consists of Founders, Freelancers, Startup enthusiasts, Team Members, Funded companies, Skilled Professionals and passionate go-getters. This is a great Start Up, entrepreneurial ecosystem consisting of Mentors, Coworkers, Consultants, Investors, and growth driven people. Be a part of The Daftar Coworking Space & Community and you will fall in love with the way you work, where you work and with whom you work. And finally, the events at The Daftar just add on to the icing on the cake. A must visit and must work out of place.

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