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Elamaran Rajasekaran


Chennai, India

" Great place with a cool vibe! Purrrrfect for Freelancers!! "

There was always this fantasy thought going on around my head for so long, 6 years to be exact, the time I'm being a Freelancer - "Is there a place where I can really feel like working from home, but it be a professional setting and it be not home ?". Confusing? Only freelancers know how badly they need a place, where they want to feel like they are working from home, without losing the professionalism of whatever they do, minus the ever growing distractions/commitments they have working from home. Well, Artisans Lab just appeared out of thin air, as the answer I'm longing for all this time. You can feel all the ease and cool vibe you get when working from home, but at the same time, could really feel that you are in your own professional world, when you are at the Artisans Lab. It's really is the perfect blend of "relaxing" & "work space". I've visited many, I repeat, many, co-working spaces in Chennai, and they offer you a workspace. But, this place gives you an experience. Love it! Dig it! Into it!

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Got everything you need in there. Brew yourself a great cup of coffee. Order some snacks from a great snack joint downstairs. Dig the awesome collection of books from the "Cool Dude Who Runs This Place", and hang around for a chat with fellow Artisans after your work is done!

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"My review of Artisans Lab" 

November 2019

Excellent place to network. Perfectly in tune with needs of SMEs. Flexible plans. On-the-house amenities. Pet friendly.

Meera K

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"A great work space: professional, fun, creative, collaborative, relaxing" 

December 2018

This is a lovely space to work from. It is very thoughtfully designed, not just your average cubicle office. They have the cubicles too, but there is so much more to help you work, think and relax. There is also a standing desk, sofa, bean bag etc. Take your pick! There is also a collection of books, board games and a guitar...work, read, take a nap, use the games to spark your creativity! I liked the fact that the office was lit by sunshine and when you look out it is nice and green. It was not super quiet when I was there; teams were in discussion, customers were being met, calls being made. It is a good vibe, but something to bear in mind if quietness is very important to you. Great facilities: Tea, coffee and green tea. There was a stationery shelf that seemed to have everything you can possibly need in that respect! Printing. All freely available. The location is great. There are a number of restaurants really close by, including a sandwich shop right below. Of course one can always Swiggy or Zomato. I appreciated the warm, caring and helpful support from management. They are not just about renting the space, they care about your experience, that you are productive and creative in the time that you spend here. I highly recommend that you check it out.

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