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Damon Pourshian


Phnom Penh, Cambodia

" Magical quiet place to get work done and heal "

Absolutely one of my favourite places ever to live/work out of. Quiet, zen, clean, perfect. I will be coming back 100%!!! It’s away from all the noise and party vibes so you can focus on anything that needs to get done. I got into a moto crash and needed to heal and complete some work for back home while on travel. The outpost was the perfect place to recover and find my balance again. The crew is amazing and the facilities are top notch. They also have 360 degrees of beautiful views. The rooftop is a great place to meditate btw ;)

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Mathieu Valez

1 Review

6 Helpful Votes

"Best coworking space ever" 

March 2018

This is place is really good. Every time people are coming here, partners or clients, they are like "Wow this is nice!". The wifi is excellent, better than in my house (and I have fiber), you can choose between the co-working space, silent offices with working chairs and desks or the co-living space with sofas and very comfortable amenities which I love. It has the advantages to be just next to the center, so this calm, green, awesome view point of the city as it is on the top of the building, but not far from it. You can take a ferry to cross the river, it add a bit of charm to the trip. I definitely recommend it.

6 Thank Mathieu
Vandy Tan

1 Review

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"Best CoWorking Place in Cambodia! Love to go there working everyday and best place for finding inspiration!" 

March 2018

Wow, it's the first impression when you're in Outpost Cambodia... It's quite different from others working places in Phnom Penh where each tiny square meter is used and walls are surrounding you... Here, it feels like you are on the top of a tree surrounded by clouds... Windows giving 360 panoramic view are on all floors, and the building in cover from plant and flower, cooling the building and giving the feeling to be living in one of the Ta Prom Tree from Angkor's Temples. I said living and not only working as we can also choose to take a room here for us when you're too busy to go home or even for our different partners here only for few weeks, and who want to productive and efficient... You have all accommodations that you can find in all co-working place from free coffee, free water, free internet (100Mb/s) and free entrance for working-shop and Experts sharing their experience and knowledge... Just like in TEDx Talks... But did they propose free cinema with free pop-corn, once a week? All opportunities here are good to meet the "other guy" working next you. Even Khmer Class and Yoga are place where you can share with others... mixing people from all horizons.. But the best that you can find no where else is the atmosphere, the "Home's Feeling" you can cook you're own found with all last equipment here and eat with all coworker like you're home and part of a big family... All events there are fantastic, you can receive your guests like no other place with prestige, professionalism and still the comfy feeling of been home.. it's so relaxing and stress-free... In our work when we are more and more focus on our screen trying to find inspiration, creativity... It's always relaxing to just rise your sight from your laptop to see boats on Mekong and the amazing view that we have at each sunset... It's also open 24/7 and it's great as inspiration have no watch, and often we are back in the office on weekend when work must be done in time without regarding on time spent at work... when it's good time, it doesn't count... The staff are also at your service and more than that... they are helping... but more than that.. they are supporting and caring, always with great intention and heart in the hand... Patricia, Avey and Mino are so amazing but to tell the truth... even from cleaner to top manager they are making your day perfect... And it's a pleasure to wake up everyday to go and see all of them... We are members of this big family since more than 6 months now... But for sure if you come here, you will still find us because you don't move when you find the perfect place to express your passion and be happy... and yes I'm talking about a working place close to Heaven...

5 Thank Vandy

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