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Nina Sodin


Bansko, Bulgaria

" Perfect place to get work done and have fun with fellow coworkers! "

Coworking Bansko has two spaces - quiet and social. Each time you come and co-work, you can choose where you stand on the social-productive scale :) Beside having all the necessary amenities (including beanbags, board games and a coffee machine!) - there is a strong emphasis on community. Members not only work together, but also meet up frequently for social and professional activities. It's easy to suggest or organize events simply by posting in the members' group. Bansko is also located in an attractive spot - close to Sofia and other places in Bulgaria as well as Greece, Macedonia and Kosovo - while still maintaining the feel of a small, quiet town among the mountains. Come to Bansko and see for yourself :)

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Neil Sisson

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"Instant community, great work/life balance" 

June 2018

I've been lucky enough to have worked in at least a dozen different coworking places all over the world, and this one is one of the best. The people are so welcoming, the work space is great for whatever you need (quite or ambient noise), tonnes of social stuff happening all the time and you will never be short of company if you want to get out of the extremely comfortable office. Free (great) coffee (absolutely essential for me), really fast wifi, and proper chairs that will support your back so you can pour hours into your online venture. I came to Bansko because I needed a quiet productive space to really smash out a lot of client work and progress my main side project. I did not expect to meet so many awesome, interesting characters or have so many options of things to do. There is a huge culture here of knowledge sharing and collaboration and the private FB group for members who are here is probably the most active one I've ever experienced. Major props to Matthias, Uwe and Elena for creating this place. I'll definitely be back, and maybe next time in the Winter to get some boarding in.

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Evelina Butzbach

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"Easy going! No stress, no requirements, no expectations, just come, take your time, enjoy, have fun, do your job and if you like you can join us in our activities. Very pleasant attitude!" 

May 2018

Unconference, as somebody who joined or did many conferences, un or in conference was great, new expirience and great fun. With Mathias and Uwe you have two well informed guys who are fun but also knowledge. And knowledge is priceless. Surely the place is highly recommendable if you visit Bansko. Take your time, enjoy the mountaines, the free time, the community, your work, some easy going lunch, some mineral water, mounteen biking and then interesting talk with Mathias or Uwe or some other community people. The goal is the way not the end point and Mathias and Uwe offers you on this way a very pleasant, easy going and valuable time.

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